Cold Brew HQ

Cold Brew HQ is debuting at Coffee Fest New York! 

Cold brew has taken the industry by storm, growing over 700% in the last three years. Learn everything you need to maximize this trend by visiting Coffee Fest’s Cold Brew HQ, a designated space on the show floor where all of your cold brew and nitro cold brew questions can be answered. From learning how to brew, to nitro infusion, outsource manufacturing, and dispense equipment, thought leaders in the industry will come together to demystify this leading beverage.


Beverage Innovation Lab Demo Stage

Learn how to make your cold brew program profitable & innovative with new ideas from the Beverage Innovation Lab at Cold Brew HQ on the Coffee Fest exhibit floor.


When a business invests time and money to exhibit at a trade show, you hope for a positive experience. At Coffee Fest our results speak volumes, we were able to open up more than 40 new accounts...

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